Sunday, December 19, 2010

deck the halls and go to mall!

still have last minute shopping to do.. we rush to get everything done and we go from place to place visiting friends and family. its all exhausting but at the same time the excited from being festive seems to be the wind under our wings lol.
i feel like a little elf wrapping presents hamging decorations and spreading joy and peace!.

last week i got to enjoy the rockettes christmas show. it was beautiful. i felt like i was 9 yrs old.. from there my friends and i went to rockefeller center to see the enormous tree and beautiful star on top!.. then we walked down 5th avenue where there were gorgeous lights and displays everywhere!.. then went to central park for a carriage ride. Then to this fabulous restaurant on the upper west side. It was called "accademia di vino" where the owner treated us amazingly. He brought raddiccio to our table and showed us how beautiful it was before its cut up. It was brought straight from Rome, Italy. Again amazing! The cheeses there were to die for. The wine excellent and robust! And they had riccotta cheese cake drizzled with honey. Which is one of my favorite desserts. harder to find then the normal new york cheese cake.

Then i poured myself into bed and had plesant dreams! lol
I hope all of you are taking advantage of such a wonderful season and holiday and enjoying wherever you are!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Tree up so beautiful! Christmukah!

I hope everyone has a great holiday. I have been so non stop i haven't been on computer. I also had a small 3 day flu too. yucky. Today is my Mai-tai's birthday. my shihtzu. The other one buddha his birthday is december 29th. so both so close! and a year apart.
I haven't finished my shopping which i definitely have to do!
I also want to get small things done that i have been putting off. i know what a time to do it when i have so many other things to do.

I love my tree its huge!My dogs love going under it and sitting behind the train set!
The smell of pine fills the house which i love!

Anyway late night and i have an early day. I miss ya! just wanted to drop a line so you didn't wonder what was going on. So much I did this week I will write more tomorrow to fill you in.

Friday, December 3, 2010

HEARD from a good friend tonight!

My armenian friend quoted Nietzsche tonight. Who is one of my favorites and i should definitely brush up on. (haven't in a while .. bad girl) anyway b/c i am back to business as usual! and always looking to be creative, model, act, write, shoot etc.. my friend Artsvi .. quoted the following...

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least
once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at
least one laugh.

F. W. Nietzsche

Thursday, December 2, 2010

finally need a new computer

well i have had a sony vaio for a while. i now need a new computer and i like that commercial for that one that turns into a swivel flat screen. i have to find someone who knows about that. i need to get one that is great at video editing, big, easy to use and portable. now that i have all these great adobe programs on my computer my computer is going so slow of my goodness it sounds like it is having a work out just being on. can't be good. so i am stressing about that. i also found a desk i am in love with at its so me and gorgeous it looks like a henry the 8th or louie the 10th desk.. so much to do. i put up holiday lights and now for my tree. which i love so much.. my dad gave me a ton of decorations this week its amazing how much we have in common in taste. when growing up i always thought we weren't alike i guess thats signal for how much alike we really are! everything two peas in a pod. i love it though!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

going home for thanksgiving.

i am headed home to albany for thanksgiving with my family. i wanted to start early this am but now i am getting on the road late. hopefully i won't run into too much traffic. leaving today instead of tomorrow i wanted to avoid traffic. but other people can be thinking the same way i am . lol.

the dogs are excited and my car is loaded so they know they are going for a fum ride. lol. they exhaust me. lol
shih tzus are definitely hyper! but i love it!
keeps me going !
feel it getting cold..
so i am ready.. oh.. thank good ness i almost forgot my uggs
i need to get a new pair!
added a photo to remind you of the warm weather in case you miss it!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

surgery went great. now my focus on shoots for january!

My surgery went great! my focus is being healthy and working out. Light workouts of course!! I am biking 11 miles a day. No nautilus for 4 more weeks. I also started the ph miracle its a balance of your body. its amazing the energy i have the way i feel is great. i am doing everything i would do for preparing for some serious shooting. since its been a while i want to be at the top of my game. i have two shoots scheduled for the new year and can't wait to show you the photos.

i went upstate for my grandmas and moms birthday .. i was visiting family. went to the movies saw "due date" hilarious. i love that greek guy zach..... (last name??)
and robert downey jr. well of course i love a handsome bad boy... who wouldn't lol

i also took photos while i was upstate i love fall foliage..

of course my boys maitai and buddha were with me.
my two shihtzus.

and for the thanksgiving i will be back up in the albany area.
to celebrate. while i am up there i work out every day at that planet fitness.
my main focus working out, facials, meditation and eating right.

and of course friends and family.
in between.. can't survive without them!

all my love i missed writing to you.
but unfortunatley grandma isn't tech savvy
and i couldn't find any wi-fi near her to bounce off of.
ugh ugh!
i will try to post while i am up there this time!

all my love
and best thoughts


Sunday, October 3, 2010

beautiful morning going to the gym!

its a beautiful morning today. crisp and cool. total new york fall day! i love it!
drinking my chai tea and getting ready to go to the gym!

Then my friend is stopping by to put up more shelves in my room b/c as you know i love teddy bears and collect them. needed more places to put them. lol.

enjoy your day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i am going to be sore tomorrow. lol

Today i had a session with a trainer to learn some core techniques that would work deep. It hurt so bad it felt great!. I also enjoyed the sauna for the last few days. I may also do a boot camp workout on Sunday a.m.s

I went and bought some orange jasmine aromatherapy tablets and took the best shower. So sensual where i enjoyed "love rocks" by victoria secrets I am soft and smell delicious.

Hope you enjoyed your day!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Night Relaxing with movies!!! and little dogs!

I have been getting into foreign films lately. I always liked but lately i try to watch one a week. I think it expands my view on the acting internationally. Tonight I watched "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" It was swedish with english subtitles. Actually great movie! suspense! and just took a totally different turn then i expected! If you are thinking about a movie to watch and hunker down i would suggest that. Its a new release! I have the incense going some candles. Fresh picked flowers and my lava lamps going. Me and my two little doggies buddha and mai-tai getting ready for my early am workout and then off to queens for my sunday in Korea town!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

worked out tonight and saw the american

well i got back from new york sports club and quickly changed to go to larchmont , new york to an old theatre that still has the red velvet drapes and and gargoyles and balconies. very kewl. the movie itself was very european. which was kewl but the no dialogue and slow pace wasn't expected from what i saw in previews that enticed me. the theatre was so quiet i felt like when i chewed my popcorn people could hear .. lol..

tomorrow i have to go to the mall to to see what is up with my ipod i have the third generation and i love it and all my songs are on there and the computer program just decided to take a vactaion.. so annoying.. lol.

another hot day... but time flies when your having fun


Thursday, September 2, 2010

home sweet home...

I just got back from visiting family in albany again.
I had a great time!

visited with some of my girlfriends too!
we were shopping for sexy lingerie and of course new fall blue jeans!
we also went and saw that new movie with Jennifer Aniston "switch"
very funny movie!
chick flick for sure!
but i saw a few guys and they were laughing their butts off!
hee hee!!!

now back home and i will be working out for the next 30days straight!
b/c i have my surgery scheduled for october 13th and then i can't work out for four weeks. ugh ugh

so.. work work work!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

well.. i have alway love the 70's style

I love the 70's style.. but again i like alot of different mixtures. i have a maroon velvet couch and knight in shining armer who is about 7'feet tat ll. lol

but i always like the cozy lots of pillows and close together feel of a room. recently my friend linda gave me a large orange lamp base quite large but in need of a 70's style shade. i found one at this link

i am loving it!..

also i am on the hunt for this couch i saw at ikea (shockingly) in 2005 i should of bought it then. i think about it and regret it all the time. it was a low in hetight couch that was sort of an L shape but had a thick center sort of like a small bed attachment or ottoman... but it was so 70's and hippie and it was a checker print and the back was long circle cushions. they don't carry it anymore. i have been searching on google for it. it wasn't expensive then. and if i could find it oh god i would be thrilled!... anyway if anyone has any luck let me know! b/c it was fabulous!.

i am also looking for those large cozy and great color, pattern and texture pillows. i want a very austin powers shagadelic look!.. the search is on!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

spin class..

i went to spin class with my new spin shoes and i didn't know i needed an attachment for them to hook on to bike pedals. so thank goodness i wore my other sneakers that i usually wear. i can't wait to go get the part so i can try the sneakers. i was told it is a huge difference in your work out using the special sneakers.
its what cyclists use when they bike outside (except the attachment) Anyway its hot humid and sticky so i am off to bed early. I have to bring my car to get inspected.
ugh ugh.

also working on a new website and updated portfolio and resume so stay tuned!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

rainy day in new york

humid and sticky.. but i still weathered on. lol.
cardio in the am.. and then i relaxed during day and just did my thing. and spent time with my two little doggies.. shihtzus.. maitai and buddha!

now i am drinking my protein drink and doing some yoga stretches, sit ups and leg lunges. then off to bed....

hope your day was good!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

getting ready for bed but before i do!

I just did a bunch of crunches and some sets of squats.
Then i am off to la la... land..
I hope you all had a great day.

all my love


Friday, August 13, 2010

alot accomplished today!

Today i got alot of things accomplished that needed to be for a while. getting rid of clutter and organizing is very important when doing business and working. Especially in entertainment!.

I also watched the movie "repoman" with a friend.. very crazy movie! action.. lots of action!.. fast too!..and the guy in it is hott.. i have to go back and see what his name is.. shame on me!

I did spin class early this am.. and i am about to get ready for bed before i do i am going to do my squats and leg lunges as well as sit ups! .. don't forget to do yours.

I also have to look at some samples of possible new layouts for my site. i know its about time!..


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

recovery after accident and getting back into the saddle

well.. i have been working out agaiN Since february. but after i saw how it isdifficult on a person mentally when one has to not start from the beginning but knowing my potential in muscle and i am into working out. i am doing low carbs high protein. I do on again off again with spin class and cardio and weights.
four times a week. I am still my small self but as being a woman i want to be firm and at my best especially with the entertainment business. kendra had her baby and has her workout show which i think is great!

so i started realizing we all have something that may come up that throws us back a bit. so by posting my thoughts and daily workouts etc with you i figured it would keep me motivated and maybe motivate or keep you motivated!

i am also having surgery one more time so thats something to look foward too.. lol.

besides working out and getting back into acting.
i am also learning alot about stock photography.
i like shooting models etc but also scenic and lifestyle i find quite enjoyable!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

total frenzy last night...

last night my dog maitai got stuck under the couch on the spring. it is custom made couch but over time he wore away the small piece of material covering the springs.
i heard a noise and i knew he was stuck. his collar was hooked on the spring. the way the couch is made i couldn't reach in and i couldnt find any other way but to cut my couch. so i did. i still couldn't reach him. the couch was made quite well.
i fit my hand it and felt the spring and collar and then reached my other hand in to see if i could undo it. mind you... i couldn't see only feel. so he bit me. and it hurt alot!!...
but he was scared. i couldn't do it ;. it was 130 in the am. i was calling two of my friends one on my house phone the other from my cell. i was hysterical i felt bad i was afraid he would strangle himself. so i was crying and leaving msgs.
finally i got a hold of my neighbor madeline.. shes 62 yrs old. she came over (she lives three doors down from me). she was wearing a short nightie above her pale knees and duck boots with a black jacket.. and she comes in to lift my couch while i get mai tai. we get him thank god. he was all over her with love b/c was scared. and of course happy to see her. then after the adrenaline i started to cry hysterically just happy relieved etc..

then boom boom boom.. on the door!!
the police were at my door.
one of the neighbors heard me screaming on the phone
"hes being strangled, help me help me.. hes going to die".. oh my god.
the police came in a group of four!
with their batons out!

they said who is in here with you.
i said madeline me and my dogs!
mind you my living room was a mess.
couch cushins in the air.,
rugs crooked my hair a mess lamp on its side b/c i was trying to see under couch and my flashlight broke.. (great timing)
i asked them to come in but they wanted the dogs in another room but i was too unfuctional to get them locked up. i could hardly explain.
i kept saying "dog wire was scared " l0l i couldn't explain it.. i asked madeline to and she was telling them.. i wish you came sooner. i would of been still in bed.
we both looked a wreck we both were crying and the house a mess.

basically i had a fight with the couch..
the couch almost won!

so i am sure they thought i was the nut.. lol
oh my goodness so embarassing.

mai tai is doing great
and buddha just looks at us like we are crazy.

just another night with me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

my two dogs!!

They are so entertaining. i have two shih tzus maitai and buddha!
I always grew up with big dogs and when i moved closer to nyc it would be cruel for me to have a big dog in an apt. I was told they would entertain me.. its true.
buddha loves looking 0ut the window and watching the neighborhood.. he even has me trained.. lol.. if he wants window open he cries to me until i go open it. lol. funny.
maitai is the mamas boy. he watches me always if i leave the room he has a view of whereever i am.. lol. he is also the moody one. i call him moody maitai.. lol.
b/c if he wants love and attention he will let me know. but if i want to hold him and he doesn't want me right then oh he growls.. lol.
i have always had animals and i think they are amazing and teach us something about ourselves.. they both have a bit of resemblence to me in their peronalities. lol.

well i am off to bed.. going to camera shop to get digital camera fixed.
i was knuckle head and put the cf reader in the wrong way and bent a pin.
not to proud of that. especially bc i just bought the camera from a photographer friend of mine.

sweet dreams!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

back to the grind

i have been back to the grind.. but its fun for me. organizing photos. getting my photos ready and resume to be updated on and to upload videos to youtube!!!

getting mailing list ready etc.
working out and starting this blog!

i had blog before and i know it will take a while to get it going again! but i will post and keep it updated.

i am ready works from the dali lama right now as meditations and shakespeare!

I just joined NYSC and i love it there!> great club!
i feel so pampered!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

negative neighbor and little bird

tonight.. a little sparrow got into the hallway of my apt building. i opened the door in the downstairs hallway so it could eventually ... hopefully... find its way out...

i called the super and he said thats the best i could do ... and they would check in the morning.

my just evil downstairs neighbor came home and closed it.. i went in hallway.. with bird flying at me .. b/c it was going back and forth wall to wall on top floor.. (where i am) and went down and put door open again.. told her with her right there to leave it open showed her the bird. she sees it flying and says..."isn't there anything you can spray it with"... like its a roach!!!

i tell her.. its a innocent little bird.. let the door stay so it can get out!

she shuts it again an hr later.
i go downstairs and tie the door open with twine!
shower and i hear her out there and cutting the twine!
i can't open the door or stand in hallway b/c bird is winging by my head.
so i have to tell her threw crack.. leave door open super said to do that.
she said.. "the bird is comfortable just let it die"..
i mean who says that.. ?
i know its a bird.. and alot of people might not care.. but if you can prevent its death and be humane why not?
and to say it like the way she did just nausiated me!

i told her "you know what its on your hands if it dies"..." if you are like that then its death is on you and i see who you are"...

sorry to vent but it tells me alot about the persons character just by her words!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

back to the scene.. its been a while

i have been in and out of entertainment in some way since i was a child. but this time was harder b/c of a bad break up and car accident all at once.

i watched the grammys the other night. lady gaga and Elton John were amazing and it just made me warm inside again and just feel that thing you feel when you are creating.

i rejoined a new gym this one . New York Sports Club... great clean gym.. my hat off to them!

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