Saturday, July 28, 2012

clarisonic mia 2 cleaning brush

clarisonic mia 2 cleaning brush. i got it yesterday it came with the boscia cleaning wash and moisturizer through sephora.  i have wanted this product for over a year. I waited to see improvemts or other competition.  I was still happy with all i read about the product and finally got it.  I am happy to say this product is awesome.  I see a difference in my skin in two days and thats only four uses!  they give a 90 day guarantee that you will see results.  So i am counting the 90 days.  Living near Manhattan there is already alot of pollution and smog. Also being near a main street in a big city like westchester pollution is a big problem for skin these days. Skin starts to look dry or just not supple not plump and alive with a glow. I have worked in and around skin care make up etc since I was 16 years old. Not to mention the high demands of being around the modleing and entertainment industry.  There are so many things we could do if it was made more affordable. well i am on a mission to search out the good doctors in our areas or other areas that offer the new technology without sending us to the poor house!  Anyway the clarisonic is worth it its between 100 and 400 depending the style and package you get .  You can even look on ebay!  I will give you updates to let you know how i feel. but so far thumbs up!n  let me know on my kellykole facebook page if you use it and what you think! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Met Charlie Sheen when I worked w hm

I was so so shy . He had just gotten out of rehab and saturdaynight live was doing a satire and calling it herpes island all of us women were his herpes. I know of hid drug use so it made me nervous. The woman my hair the Malik room. Then I hear this distinct voice. I am looking at my shoes my hands. I am totAly shy . Worst timinggrgr if ugh
O delta hin staring u wAnted to lol. O thoujjt about what it would be like to have kissed for last ten years. I never looked up i was tralla that agua this king no way couls he be looking at me. So Wen we did this performanvr for herpes Island i tried to at him more but no embarrassed and shy I felt foolish. I had butter flies in my stomach I don't get that hardly ever silly something happened years ago .i alerta Wiseguys for a second chance o delta he hoy v

Sexy workout outfits

Ita not that your tryi to look sexy for guys or girls at the gym. Maybe some people do. But I dress to feel good for me! And it makes you feel good in general. So mentally looking good makes oneself feel good. So if people judge u for being original and happy and different. They are just judging themselves taking the unhappiness they feel for themselves and putting it onto u. Don't let them! You do you!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Starting to to Yoga

starting to do yoga. i did flow yoga the last few days.  i  loved it. i of course have to do it slow b/c of my back and neck injuries i incurred from a car accident. but like everyone i am sure you to have your own aches and pains. so take it easy getting into it. I am. !  but i enjoyed learning the positions and the flow of yoga and how it makes you feel.
i also have been doing a high protein low carb diet. and eating sevreral small meals a day.
and which is better. lots of water and  stayaing away from soda.. bubbles add weight at least 5lbs!
so before a photo shoot or big event one should stay away from bubbles!