Saturday, January 29, 2011

today was a hectic day for cleaning house

i figured with the cold weather and tons of snow that they have to bulldoze literally out of my neighborhood. i would get things together for donating. i do it a few times a year and so i got a lot done. over four huge bags. and i still have more to go. i am looking at a pile of clothes and shoes now. i also get my new desk on monday to have my new area so that i can update more often and feel comfie. after my ex and i broke up when i lived in nj i didn't bring his desk and the one i used to have i had given to my girlfriend. So now back to the desk so i can sit there and update some great videos and photos that have been shot.

also i found a site that bugs me out i agree with that and i am considered about our world. i am not a nut but i think that we in the us aren't taking it as serious as we should. in the netherlands they are stopping building b/c they don't want their ground to sink. they are getting life rafts and starting to stock up on supplies and food. In Russia they are building over 5000 shelters. so if these countries are taking public initiative why is it the us only provides us and and for new yorkers
doesn't seem like they are preparing us for what areas can get what and how to protect ourselves and after reading this site i was freaked out in my thoughts all day!...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

oh .. my lexus lexus!!...

I drive a lexus i love the car.. I have had lexus's for years. I had it serviced before the holidays fluids, shocks blah blah.. and everything seemed great. I went on my regular errands yesterday and poof! the transmission just stopped. no single just couldn't drive couldn't reverse just .. there!... i would push gas the rpms would excel but no movement. i glided into a parking space at my place. i was lucky to know to go home and i was lucky i was close enough to home. i can't believe it!
and of course my warrantee is just up!.. someone told me my model and year had problems with the transmission you would think that they would notify you..
now i have to find out. i have to get a rent a car. i have shell out .. oh my goodness over 2000! close to 5000!.. talk about... unecessary!