Friday, May 2, 2014

Realization people are crazy and just sometimes don't realize how crazy

I knew a friend of mine was a bit nutty had his issues but still tried to be a friend. Tried to distance myself but still be friendly.and of course I cared it was a friend but now I am dealing w dorm bc I became friends w someone w obvious issues. I also am a private person and knew this person could never keep trap shut and wasn't really someone to trust. A rat! A rodent! But I guess in my heart no matter when you argue even it's bad arguments w friends or you go months w out talking. I always know w my real friends I don't have to doubt them even when I say to them I don't want to talk to you. But this one whole new ball game no deduction and trueness to friends the minute you are fighting they turn on you like a demon. Well that's the difference in generations nod the new age of people without honor and code in friendship. Such a sham such a waste of spACE and I know I believe in karma and the universe so strongly I feel bad the universe and it's retribution.  Bottom Line karma a bitch!