Friday, March 29, 2013

Being silly

Curlers and kerchief in my hair ha ha

My dad and he was a worker bee

I was going they my dads paper work to sort through his things today get his affairs altogether after his passing. It brought sun emotion up. He worked and worked his whole life and he looked out for me with a home and life policy. And he's not here to see things hay I will do to make him proud. It hurts so muh and it feels so warming to my heart that he loved me so muh that he secured everything for my future. I am so grateful and just in awwh my dad loved me so much and I love him so much for all it of it
Gos bless you daddy!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The secret power

Read it last week. And it was wonderful book. I am onto the last secret series the secret magic. Very very good. And makes you realize how thankful to be to the u I star. Especially right now going thru the loss of my father I appreciate everyone and everything in my life.

Daddy's memorial today

Last Monday march 18, 2013 my father passed away. I knew I loved my dad. I spent time w him laughed with him, talked to him almost everyday. Sometimes I would think my goodness he calls alot and worries over silly things when he hasn't heard from me. He one he was sick. But we both thought he had time. I would of stayed the night enjoyed more time more memories. I know I shouldn't punish myself I just hurt so much. There is no more time. There are no more memories what I have is all I will ever have from this point on. It hurts so much and it sucks!