Saturday, August 21, 2010

well.. i have alway love the 70's style

I love the 70's style.. but again i like alot of different mixtures. i have a maroon velvet couch and knight in shining armer who is about 7'feet tat ll. lol

but i always like the cozy lots of pillows and close together feel of a room. recently my friend linda gave me a large orange lamp base quite large but in need of a 70's style shade. i found one at this link

i am loving it!..

also i am on the hunt for this couch i saw at ikea (shockingly) in 2005 i should of bought it then. i think about it and regret it all the time. it was a low in hetight couch that was sort of an L shape but had a thick center sort of like a small bed attachment or ottoman... but it was so 70's and hippie and it was a checker print and the back was long circle cushions. they don't carry it anymore. i have been searching on google for it. it wasn't expensive then. and if i could find it oh god i would be thrilled!... anyway if anyone has any luck let me know! b/c it was fabulous!.

i am also looking for those large cozy and great color, pattern and texture pillows. i want a very austin powers shagadelic look!.. the search is on!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

spin class..

i went to spin class with my new spin shoes and i didn't know i needed an attachment for them to hook on to bike pedals. so thank goodness i wore my other sneakers that i usually wear. i can't wait to go get the part so i can try the sneakers. i was told it is a huge difference in your work out using the special sneakers.
its what cyclists use when they bike outside (except the attachment) Anyway its hot humid and sticky so i am off to bed early. I have to bring my car to get inspected.
ugh ugh.

also working on a new website and updated portfolio and resume so stay tuned!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

rainy day in new york

humid and sticky.. but i still weathered on. lol.
cardio in the am.. and then i relaxed during day and just did my thing. and spent time with my two little doggies.. shihtzus.. maitai and buddha!

now i am drinking my protein drink and doing some yoga stretches, sit ups and leg lunges. then off to bed....

hope your day was good!