Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chilling like a Villanti

Appreciation for people in our lives

I always appreciate those in my life. Every night I go to bed I think of everyone in my life around my life or who touch my life. I think of strangers how all we all want as humans is to be loved to love to feel happiness and be acknowledged in be ways that make us warm and fuzzy inside. With my father ill it's on my mind more. I wanted to say that we all matter and we all should close our eyes at night knowing that we are special and all have something to contribute no matter big or small.
Peace love and happiness always!

Cold and chilly

Up in albany It's cold And chilly. I went and saw my dad in the hospital. He didn't look too good when I first entered room. He disnt have his teeth in and he was lying back and disnt even look alive. My stomach dropped and I freaked and I touched his hand and said "daddy" he slowly opened his eyes and was happy!
He definitely livened up after I Saw him. I left him a little raccoon and a Valentines day balloon !
He seemed so much happier and that made me feel good!