Saturday, August 14, 2010

getting ready for bed but before i do!

I just did a bunch of crunches and some sets of squats.
Then i am off to la la... land..
I hope you all had a great day.

all my love


Friday, August 13, 2010

alot accomplished today!

Today i got alot of things accomplished that needed to be for a while. getting rid of clutter and organizing is very important when doing business and working. Especially in entertainment!.

I also watched the movie "repoman" with a friend.. very crazy movie! action.. lots of action!.. fast too!..and the guy in it is hott.. i have to go back and see what his name is.. shame on me!

I did spin class early this am.. and i am about to get ready for bed before i do i am going to do my squats and leg lunges as well as sit ups! .. don't forget to do yours.

I also have to look at some samples of possible new layouts for my site. i know its about time!..


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

recovery after accident and getting back into the saddle

well.. i have been working out agaiN Since february. but after i saw how it isdifficult on a person mentally when one has to not start from the beginning but knowing my potential in muscle and i am into working out. i am doing low carbs high protein. I do on again off again with spin class and cardio and weights.
four times a week. I am still my small self but as being a woman i want to be firm and at my best especially with the entertainment business. kendra had her baby and has her workout show which i think is great!

so i started realizing we all have something that may come up that throws us back a bit. so by posting my thoughts and daily workouts etc with you i figured it would keep me motivated and maybe motivate or keep you motivated!

i am also having surgery one more time so thats something to look foward too.. lol.

besides working out and getting back into acting.
i am also learning alot about stock photography.
i like shooting models etc but also scenic and lifestyle i find quite enjoyable!