Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grieving someone isn't always ment it's bad that your grieving.

Your missing that person that you loved, cared for, and were two peas in a pod. I have anxiety yeah but when you tell someone that they think your nuts. I have spent myself in entertainment of some form since I was 5 years old. So when I am in my don time I like my privacy and I do not like it pried into. Also it doesn't mean you need help that you are on the way to the boobie hatch. It just means I egg anxious around crowds and sometimes in my neighborhood bc I am near the city and everything going on in the news it does bother me this country and our involvement in stuff that really isn't our business and whs the repercussions could be to us. I also think that instead of pigeon holing me that someone should understand the spectrum of my lifestyle and I don't hate people I am not anxious bc of my dad passing. I am more motivated to succeed and do well In life to honor him.  

Also, I have been judged on my hyper behavior I am happy win who I am and people who have known me for several years know this about mt as well. So why is it that we habe monitors montering us. Whose montering them? 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Ok I am hyper person naturally a lot of people who know me several years know that about me.

Sometimes people who aren't used to me may think wow she drinks a lot of coffee. I used to mad I loved it but I prefer tea now still w caffeine but not much. I don't need to for energy so to say sometimes to get day started but my hyper personality has gotten a lot of things successful accomplished bc I am aggressive and I am a go getter. And I am not some one who bends to what the general public calls "normal" whatever you believe in god , gods, universe whTevr I believe we are all made and not to be changed we should accept each other and not try to mold each other to fit puzzle pieces that the state or government feels we shoud. Oh yeah because there way is the right way! 
So it's ok to get in my business can I get in yours. Do masturnate a lot? What do u do? Do u dins you talk loud? Or your your hyper? Hey I don't try to change people I accept them for who they are. I don't mind improvement and a little healthy criticism but trying to cast me into the mold and hold me down bc you feel my way isn't right well that to me is way way wrong! 

I am happy with who I am I look, in mirror and i don't have problem w me. And If I don't like so,some I am not their friend so if someone doesmt like me it is the same. I don't cUse problems so I appreciate when people respect my way of privacy and I will do the same. Everyone has dirt if someone digs dirt on me I do the same.

I am referring to th way bug brother is watching we have traffic cams cell phones drones NSA wire taps watching emails please can someone tell me when we became the old USSR communist Russo please!