Tuesday, November 16, 2010

surgery went great. now my focus on shoots for january!

My surgery went great! my focus is being healthy and working out. Light workouts of course!! I am biking 11 miles a day. No nautilus for 4 more weeks. I also started the ph miracle its a balance of your body. its amazing the energy i have the way i feel is great. i am doing everything i would do for preparing for some serious shooting. since its been a while i want to be at the top of my game. i have two shoots scheduled for the new year and can't wait to show you the photos.

i went upstate for my grandmas and moms birthday .. i was visiting family. went to the movies saw "due date" hilarious. i love that greek guy zach..... (last name??)
and robert downey jr. well of course i love a handsome bad boy... who wouldn't lol

i also took photos while i was upstate i love fall foliage..

of course my boys maitai and buddha were with me.
my two shihtzus.

and for the thanksgiving i will be back up in the albany area.
to celebrate. while i am up there i work out every day at that planet fitness.
my main focus working out, facials, meditation and eating right.

and of course friends and family.
in between.. can't survive without them!

all my love i missed writing to you.
but unfortunatley grandma isn't tech savvy
and i couldn't find any wi-fi near her to bounce off of.
ugh ugh!
i will try to post while i am up there this time!

all my love
and best thoughts