Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gay pride for my dad!

My dad passed away and he was gay. I always loved him and was proud of him my whole life. I never realized how big an accomplishment it was foe him to be openly gay. A Vietnam war vet an my dad. I will always love and be proud of everhtbkng he was and how he treated me so wonderfully. Tonight I miss him very much but I am honored for him to be my father .

Going back to yonkers soon

I miss home can't wait to be back! My yonlers and so close NYC I miss it. Excited and ready for an awesome spring and summer! Need yoga the city auditions and the smell of NYC ! Whoo hoo

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hot yoga all week helped

As you know my dad passed away. It's been hard on me even though I am pretty at hiding it. We talked everyday so it's weird And lonely just a little lost. If that makes sense. I am mostly up at night I can't sleep more than. 4 hrs. I want to sleep but my body won't let me.
This week I did my regular gym a few days but everyday I have done hot yoga. I feel amazing and very clear headed. I am totally addicted to thanks to that studio I am mentally getting up getting things done and clearing my head of turmoil.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

First time I have been upstate in years for Easter. It was a great day. I needed it. I went to my uncles and met his girlfriends family and friends and that was great. Then back to check on aunt Joyce and grandma and my doggies. Then my brother and his fiancé hosted Easter dinner to give my mom a break and their house looks great and Rachel is a modern day Betty Crocker. I thoroughly needed it. My sis and step dad and mom were there so it was a day with a lot of love. And that made my day. Now I am with my doggies and grandma enjoying my evening. Sometimes taking time from my serious side work and shoots and networking is needed or you get burned out.
I miss my dad alt but I am appreciating everything more bc of the loss It brought so many emotions And reality I might never really understood. I miss you dad!