Tuesday, March 9, 2010

total frenzy last night...

last night my dog maitai got stuck under the couch on the spring. it is custom made couch but over time he wore away the small piece of material covering the springs.
i heard a noise and i knew he was stuck. his collar was hooked on the spring. the way the couch is made i couldn't reach in and i couldnt find any other way but to cut my couch. so i did. i still couldn't reach him. the couch was made quite well.
i fit my hand it and felt the spring and collar and then reached my other hand in to see if i could undo it. mind you... i couldn't see only feel. so he bit me. and it hurt alot!!...
but he was scared. i couldn't do it ;. it was 130 in the am. i was calling two of my friends one on my house phone the other from my cell. i was hysterical i felt bad i was afraid he would strangle himself. so i was crying and leaving msgs.
finally i got a hold of my neighbor madeline.. shes 62 yrs old. she came over (she lives three doors down from me). she was wearing a short nightie above her pale knees and duck boots with a black jacket.. and she comes in to lift my couch while i get mai tai. we get him thank god. he was all over her with love b/c was scared. and of course happy to see her. then after the adrenaline i started to cry hysterically just happy relieved etc..

then boom boom boom.. on the door!!
the police were at my door.
one of the neighbors heard me screaming on the phone
"hes being strangled, help me help me.. hes going to die".. oh my god.
the police came in a group of four!
with their batons out!

they said who is in here with you.
i said madeline me and my dogs!
mind you my living room was a mess.
couch cushins in the air.,
rugs crooked my hair a mess lamp on its side b/c i was trying to see under couch and my flashlight broke.. (great timing)
i asked them to come in but they wanted the dogs in another room but i was too unfuctional to get them locked up. i could hardly explain.
i kept saying "dog wire was scared " l0l i couldn't explain it.. i asked madeline to and she was telling them.. i wish you came sooner. i would of been still in bed.
we both looked a wreck we both were crying and the house a mess.

basically i had a fight with the couch..
the couch almost won!

so i am sure they thought i was the nut.. lol
oh my goodness so embarassing.

mai tai is doing great
and buddha just looks at us like we are crazy.

just another night with me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

my two dogs!!

They are so entertaining. i have two shih tzus maitai and buddha!
I always grew up with big dogs and when i moved closer to nyc it would be cruel for me to have a big dog in an apt. I was told they would entertain me.. its true.
buddha loves looking 0ut the window and watching the neighborhood.. he even has me trained.. lol.. if he wants window open he cries to me until i go open it. lol. funny.
maitai is the mamas boy. he watches me always if i leave the room he has a view of whereever i am.. lol. he is also the moody one. i call him moody maitai.. lol.
b/c if he wants love and attention he will let me know. but if i want to hold him and he doesn't want me right then oh he growls.. lol.
i have always had animals and i think they are amazing and teach us something about ourselves.. they both have a bit of resemblence to me in their peronalities. lol.

well i am off to bed.. going to camera shop to get digital camera fixed.
i was knuckle head and put the cf reader in the wrong way and bent a pin.
not to proud of that. especially bc i just bought the camera from a photographer friend of mine.

sweet dreams!!