Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nutty behavior

I feel bad sometimes u try and believe show people love and friendship and they will see there is still good in the world. But then thu act like a different person within hours and it's almost sad that people are Losing their ability to socialize normally. I don't get it and I somewhat blame computers and modern age bc we dot have the connection we had when we were younger. The scariest generation is that of the kids in their 20s and you get bc thy would rather text then talk and it's so sad. Not for me bc I am own who socialized doesn't use just text for socializing and don't cent out like crazy on social media sites. Almost like revenge r spite anger is more part of that generation. I feel bad for them. I truly do. They are missing our and they don't think they are bc they don't know any different an that is even sadder. Ugh ugh

Sunday, August 5, 2012

July 19

Day out on my birthday

Traveling again I am so excited

Well obviously I am going to be busting my ass bc I am gonna get do
E killer photos. I Amos happy right now and so excitex