Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friend went home

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sometes no matter how much u try to show people that ur a good friend. In tho matter years. I had hope my friend she would see an learn to be a good friend to me. I recently found out she made me look like a monster to other people and probably ruined a lot of friendships along the way. It wasn't until she came to care for me after surgery and just every time I needed her it was almost like she purposely left me while I was sick and it was like being spit on. She was getting dental work down the road from my apartment. So I feel a bit used she got her stuff done and when needed her she wasn't there.
I am not a huge emotion shower but this really did hurt my feelings. Needless to stay. I told her she couldn't stay and she didn't care until she needed a place up stay a few days later. I told her no way never again. She wants to be my friend find no problem but it's best she not stay if she wants to see me and she's staying in area then I know it's genuine and I am not bring used.