Wednesday, February 3, 2010

negative neighbor and little bird

tonight.. a little sparrow got into the hallway of my apt building. i opened the door in the downstairs hallway so it could eventually ... hopefully... find its way out...

i called the super and he said thats the best i could do ... and they would check in the morning.

my just evil downstairs neighbor came home and closed it.. i went in hallway.. with bird flying at me .. b/c it was going back and forth wall to wall on top floor.. (where i am) and went down and put door open again.. told her with her right there to leave it open showed her the bird. she sees it flying and says..."isn't there anything you can spray it with"... like its a roach!!!

i tell her.. its a innocent little bird.. let the door stay so it can get out!

she shuts it again an hr later.
i go downstairs and tie the door open with twine!
shower and i hear her out there and cutting the twine!
i can't open the door or stand in hallway b/c bird is winging by my head.
so i have to tell her threw crack.. leave door open super said to do that.
she said.. "the bird is comfortable just let it die"..
i mean who says that.. ?
i know its a bird.. and alot of people might not care.. but if you can prevent its death and be humane why not?
and to say it like the way she did just nausiated me!

i told her "you know what its on your hands if it dies"..." if you are like that then its death is on you and i see who you are"...

sorry to vent but it tells me alot about the persons character just by her words!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

back to the scene.. its been a while

i have been in and out of entertainment in some way since i was a child. but this time was harder b/c of a bad break up and car accident all at once.

i watched the grammys the other night. lady gaga and Elton John were amazing and it just made me warm inside again and just feel that thing you feel when you are creating.

i rejoined a new gym this one . New York Sports Club... great clean gym.. my hat off to them!