Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beautiful day for a ride

It is a cool day but a great day for a drive. Can't wait to get home and cuddle w my doggies. And watch a movie!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alter ego

I know what alter who means but I am trying to think what mine would be? If I had an alter ego?

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Wasa comical movie lol. It was educational to the degree of telling u how the vibratory emerged in society and how hysteria disappeared lol funny.

I watched i"it's good now" w Dakota Fanning it was an emotional and amazing view from parents friends and person who had leukemia view on what they felt went through and how day person was emotionally preparing for the death of the person w leukemia. Of course it was her choice to stop the treatment of chemo. And live what ever time she had left. Touching moving and tear jerker for all. Hit the heart and damage not only a great child hood actor but an adult one that is very much gonna be acting for many many years to come.

I have been on a movie kick

I have been In a movie kick the last few days. Tying to decide about new headshots. And then submitting my résumé and photos to the iactor website that is for union actors.

I am enjoyably thinking about what roles I would like to change be more serious of acting. I love foreign films etc.
So tonight again bc I can not sleep am watching "hysteria" a comedy based in old Victorian England about the invention of the vibrator.
I will post about it later.