Thursday, May 15, 2014

What do u do when people just act like lib don't even have a word for

was honest and discouraged a younger guy from Puruing me. He kept thinkkng there was a chance. He called late at night and I was a fiend don't get me wrong and we did have I good calls. But he pushed me to the point of being mean w my words so mean. I feel badly about that. He just kept poking the bear and I didn't know what to do l insulted his male parts and retaliated in a vengeful way and even though I am not giving him the power to make me decide to be here maybe Ita a sign to move? I have been wanting to for a while. I was told by him on several I axions his uncle who is a captain is a jerk. I don't know so obviously I can't verify it. Then he has told me several occasions about his cousin. Patrol police officer who takes from the evidence room and sometimes from people he has caught. This to me says I may be harassed in the future and the way he called a friend of mine and said that he would do20 worse then what he did to me and he in my eyes did Something way way Imature and spiteful. Compre to me! 

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